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Premium Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy (Available on Amazon)


The Essential Nebulizing Diffuser is the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency. Known as aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser, it also purifies and cleans the air. This premium diffuser is based on the principle of the cold nebulization by breaking essential oils into micro molecules and releasing atomized microscopic oil particles into the air. Essential oils are not heated and thus keep all their therapeutic properties. It emits negative ions that have an effect on regenerating and purifying air in order to fight against microbial attack and pollution. Equipped with a button to vary the power distribution, it is ideal for a surface of 10 to 100m². With this diffuser, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils that offer a wide range of qualities that act directly on the body, mind, and spirit. Easy to use, elegant and innovative design, this diffuser will fit in your home or your workplace. It is one of the quietest nebulizing diffusers available on the market. Choose your nebulizer diffuser to ensure you get the best from your pure essential oils! <b>What's in the box?</b> <ul> <li>1x Light Wood Base Diffuser</li> <li>1x Glass Reservoir</li> <li>1x Glass cap</li> <li>1x Australia power adapter</li> <li>1x User Manual</li> </ul>

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